FleetGroup is competitive and designed to remove the frustrating administrative chores of fleet management and allow more time to be spent in the higher and more productive areas of your operation. By combining all the elements into a single package, largely controlled by you, and not some remote insurance company, we have streamlined the overall operation to provide minimum input with maximum return.

Program Highlights


Pricing specific to your fleet


Competitively priced


Optimal insurance cash flow


Limit fulfills Umbrella underlying requirements


Accident Management Services included


7/24/365 Claims Service


FleetGroup has a standard coverage that complies with the needs of 99% of Lessors and Lienholders. Alternative coverages are available. The basic coverage details are:

Automobile Liability

Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Liability:

$1,000,000 Combined Single Limit

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist:

$1,000,000 Combined Single Limit

Personal Injury Protection:

Statutory per State

Physical Damage


Actual Cash Value: $1,000 deductible


Actual Cash Value: $1,000 deductible

Pricing Specific to your fleet

Premiums are calculated on criteria specific to your fleet profile.  This technique is very important when you are in a group program.  The premium is based on the geographic spread and the usage of your fleet.   Next, this profile is further modified by your own loss experience over the past three years. 

Competitively Priced

Our program represents competitive commercial fleet premiums.  This is especially true when one considers the fact that the cash flow is better than available anywhere else and that Accident Management is included in the premium.

Optimized Cash Flow

Our program calculates the actual premium per month per unit based upon the number of units active at the time.  Therefore your premium reflects the exact profile of your fleet each month.  There is NO DOWN PAYMENT or DEPOSIT of 25% at the outset of your coverage.  These deposits always seem to arrive when there are other insurance deposits due creating a cash flow problem.  We're here to help!

Program meets Umbrella Requirements

The limit of Liability of $1,000,000 meets the underlying requirements of virtually every Umbrella Liability policy we have ever seen.  Our insurance carrier is A+ rated which is also required by the Umbrella insurance company.

Accident Management

We provide accident management, not just another insurance company claim department for our clients.  This is a level of hands on, driver friendly service not available from a traditional commercial auto insurance policy.  In addition the work flow, quality and cost of the repair is monitored to a much greater extent than normally seen.  This helps keep your future insurance costs under control - and it doesn't cost you a dime in additional premium.

7/24/365 Claims service

The benefits of an Accident Management firm for your claims also means that you or your drivers have a single toll free number to call any time, every day